Interesting Reads for 2009.11.30

by aakar on November 30, 2009

Impossible Becomes Possible Meteor explodes over South Africa [BEST SHOT] 9/21/09 Technology Blows On LEAK: The Google Phone “Is a Certainty” (Mark Wilson/Gizmodo) Great moments in Twitter: Former UFC star War Machine freaks out at porn party, then taunts the (…)

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Interesting Reads for 2009.11.29

by aakar on November 29, 2009

Out-of-Control Wrecking Ball Smashes Into Passing Car (VID)

Interesting Reads for 2009.11.27

by aakar on November 27, 2009

The Most Amazing Florida Gators Wedding Cake You’ll Ever See

Interesting Reads for 2009.11.25

by aakar on November 25, 2009

IKEA’s brilliant Facebook campaign Firefox’s Plan to Kick the Login’s Butt Review: ‘Mr. Fox’ is fantastic

Interesting Reads for 2009.11.24

by aakar on November 24, 2009

Maybe Mark Zuckerberg Won’t Hate That Facebook Movie After All Muppets Perform ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ (hilarious vid) Italian American Organization Upset About MTV’s “Jersey Shore” Free Market Research Methods Part 1 – Analyzing Public Filings Make Mama Proud One of my (…)

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Interesting Reads for 2009.11.23

by aakar on November 23, 2009

The Last Word(s) on ‘Twilight’ Belong to Kevin Smith (NSFW) Embracing Ear Wax: Why You Should Stop Cleaning Your Ears Today’s ‘Not Invented Here’ Phil Schiller Grants Interview About Apple’s App Store, Claims Devs Actually Like Approval Process Patient trapped (…)

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Interesting Reads for 2009.11.21

by aakar on November 20, 2009

Joe Hewitt’s Three20 Framework and Private APIs 36 Unusual Pepsi Flavors From Around The World (PICS) Florida Man To Smoke 115,000th Joint, Sets Guinness Record Paul Graham on How the App Store Has Damaged Apple’s Reputation With Developers

Interesting Reads for 2009.11.19

by aakar on November 19, 2009

Apple’s Mistake Apple Researching Methods for ‘Pushing’ User Interfaces to Accessories from Media Devices 13 Best Things the “Saved By The Bell” Cast Has Done Since

Interesting Reads for 2009.11.18

by aakar on November 18, 2009

Crazy High School Football Ending Reader Email – Endicott College Is Holding A Yankees World Series Celebration Party? Move Over Tree Man….Here Comes Guy With Head That Won’t Stop Growing How to Manage a Group Project in Google Wave [Google (…)

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Interesting Reads for 2009.11.17

by aakar on November 17, 2009

Reader Email – Check Out This Knockout Dan Provost on Interruptions From the iPhone SMS App Bill Simmons: A Sports Column Written Far From Print, and the Game Review: The Investor’s Manifesto The Wedding Crasher – Literally (Video) Ever wonder (…)

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